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My name is Jennifer (Jenny) and I am 24 years old. This blog is dedicated to promoting Alexx Calise and helping Dance Mom's fans get followers. I was her 1547 follower and I started promoting her September 16th 2012.

Alexx Calise Follower Goal: 10k Team AC by Jenny P on Grooveshark
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I made an account for Team Calise

That way I can follow anyone who wants followers. My old Tumblr is so messed up that I have lost interest in it. 

HERE it is 

edit: I decided to follow everyone back on here. lol boreeeeeeeeeeeed.


I haven’t posted in forever so expect many updates. 

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Alexx Calise and I have a plan to get her noticed on ellendegeneres because Maddie was featured on it. Anyone who shares this I will include your url in a big followers list shout out post! 

Tonight will be performing at 1652 N. Cherokee Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028 at 10P.M. x1


Haven’t posted that much but Mackenzie did Maddie’s solo “Cry”. Which made me SUPER EXCITED because I’ve been promoting Alexx, Melissa Ziegler and Abby Lee Miller for a LOOOOOOOOOONG TIME. Melissa has noticed my tweets many times along with all of them following me on twitter. It was a HUGE surprise seeing Alexx’s music get featured on Dance Moms/AUDC. The songs Home again, Survive and Cry you can listen HERE