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My name is Jennifer (Jenny) and I am 24 years old. This blog is dedicated to promoting Alexx Calise and helping Dance Mom's fans get followers. I was her 1547 follower and I started promoting her September 16th 2012.

Alexx Calise Follower Goal: 10k Team AC by Jenny P on Grooveshark
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Stuff & things


  • I interviewed Sharon from Within Temptation on skype as my first interview image
  • I was featured in woodbangers magazine for my promotion HERE
  • My twitter is now at 8,300+ followers
  • Alexx Calise was featured in Christina Perri’s Burning Gold video image
  • Alexx Calise song Out of sight was featured on Dance Moms! HERE

All this promoting is starting to pay off :)

I made an account for Team Calise

That way I can follow anyone who wants followers. My old Tumblr is so messed up that I have lost interest in it. 

HERE it is 

edit: I decided to follow everyone back on here. lol boreeeeeeeeeeeed.


I haven’t posted in forever so expect many updates. 

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Alexx Calise and I have a plan to get her noticed on ellendegeneres because Maddie was featured on it. Anyone who shares this I will include your url in a big followers list shout out post!